Blepharoplasty Melbourne

Upper eyelid ageing is probably the most common problem of middle age; eyes that were once alert and bright now appear dull and heavy.

It’s confronting for many people as they get older to look in the mirror and see eyelid skin drooping and sagging rather than sitting neatly tucked away in the fold of the eye.

However, investing in the most sophisticated eyelid procedure (Blepharoplasty) performed by one of the world’s best facial surgeons can help to restore an attractive contour above the eye.

By using the technique known as “Internal Fixation”, internationally renowned Melbourne facial surgeon, Dr Bryan Mendelson performs upper eyelid surgery implementing the most advanced methods available.

By working beneath the skin and fixing the laxity of the internal structure of the eyelid, Dr Mendelson’s procedure gently returns skin it to its previous position, bringing back freshness and life to the eyes without the severe, artificial and overdone effect that comes from superficial stretching of the skin.

Any procedure that removes or pulls excess skin around the eyelid area will lead to distortion and short term results but by recreating the internal fixation that held the eyelid skin in place during more youthful years, Dr Mendelson’s results are lasting, entirely natural and provide a highly individualised outcome; many of his patients enjoy their blepharoplasty results for over 20 years and refer to it as the “bright eyes” procedure.

All surgery by Dr Mendelson is performed beneath the skin; this is the method of all modern, advanced aesthetic surgery and it achieves the lasting results and natural look that can only be attained by operating in the deeper support layers of the face, where ageing actually occurs.

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