Dr Bryan Mendelson – Top Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne Vic

Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in Melbourne, Australia. He is renowned for his techniques in neck and facial rejuvenation. Dr Mendelson is invited to seminars and industry events all over the world to discuss his knowledge and expertise in the field. He is regularly enlisted to perform “live surgery” for other plastic surgeons, doctors and industry professionals to demonstrate his procedures and advances that are followed and learned by other surgeons worldwide.

He is known by his patients for the kind and caring person he is; as someone who takes time to get to know them personally and to fully understand their reasons for having surgery and their desired outcome. He becomes more than just their surgeon but a trusted companion on the journey through facial surgery.

For over 20 years, Bryan Mendelson has focused his work on the face. His many years of research into facial anatomy, which is ongoing, provides the scientific foundation for the techniques developed and focused the development of the skills and experience that allow him to bring his personal ‘aesthetic wisdom’ to the individual needs of each patient.

For those who appreciate quality in aesthetic surgery, Dr Bryan Mendelson has long been a most respected name.

Dr Bryan Mendelson is widely regarded as one of Australia’s pre-eminent facial plastic surgeons and was recently the only aesthetic Plastic Surgeon from Australia chosen to contribute to the hugely anticipated surgical book, Dissecting the Facelift.

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